———————– PR PUBLICATIONS SPRING 2015————————————

My Newsletter is a project meant to showcase the work of Southwest Airlines for their committed public and loyal customers. It is also strategically designed to highlight the good work of the company for the purpose of integrity and high morals towards their own employees. Here is a full blog post describing the commercial project, including the full, extended 4 page newsletter of the front page below.

SA News Page 1

I wish there was an option to select your own client in the professional setting. Fortunately, for multiple class projects, we had the option to do just that. This blog post is an in-detail process of my selection, The Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas. The final project was to create a business card and letterhead designed for the client, so this process gives background to my style and my method.

To create the best possible product for my client, I first created an outline of my project. In my blog post, I stated a rough draft of what I expect out of my outcome that gave me a guideline to my creative process, and why my intentions are what they are. Using the mood board below and the competitor analysis above, I created a design strategy for a business card and letterhead for my client, the Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas.

GWS Mood Board

For a class project, we were instructed to better understand our client by doing background research. This included a competitor analysis. Using the social media site, Pinterest, we dug into a visual inspection of our competitors and our client’s most attractive qualities when it came to their image. The ultimate goal was to design a business card and letterhead with our client in mind. This visual better helped us grasp the method of our client and competitors, and what strategy was used in implementing their mission into design. Below is the visual of my competitor analysis, but you can find the full blog post here.

Competitor Analysis

The following class project was a brief trial and error run at InDesign. The assignment was meant to encompass our basic instinct and first grasp at the program. We were displayed the simple face of a newsletter for “CANDY” and meant to replicate that using our own grasp of InDesign. It was the epitome of a ROUGH. START. but no worries– I have improved since! TypesettingAssignmentV

———————– PR WRITING FALL 2014——————————————-
My Internship Pitch Letter shares my interest and desire to intern at Saxum in Oklahoma City. Along with some background and past work, the letter focuses on my assets and how well they would compliment the basis of the company. My strategy was to utilize my energy, personality and roots to display my strengths in the field. Internship Pitch Letter

The Organizational Client Profile is a document that provides a brief and concise idea of the mission and purpose behind the Women’s Outreach Center. The profile describes the methods aimed to accomplish this mission, along with describing in what ways it is fulfilling its purpose right here, on the University of Oklahoma’s campus. Organizational Client Profile

The Organizational History is a document that briefly describes the events that lead to the foundation of the Women’s Outreach Center on the University of Oklahoma’s campus. The history focuses on how a need was met through the programs and resources provided by the Center. Client Organizational History

The Organizational Biographies were a tool used to describe two specific people involved in the Women’s Outreach Center. The document goes into varied detail that includes some history, credentials, past involvement and interest in the organization. My strategy was meant to focus and highlight the deep involvement and care these two, out of many, employees and inters alike, are so engaged in the discussion that is human rights. Client Organizational Biographies

My Print Public Service Announcement was designed to clearly exhibit the upcoming event, the Vagina Monologues in February. A print PSA displays a print version of a service announcement to be shared with the public. Bold text and visuals were incorporated into the design, along with a main text that describes the purpose behind the event. vm-psa-print (1)

The full Audio Script for my public service announcement was designed to grasp both the value and importance of the event along with the energy and resourceful personality that the Women’s Outreach Center exhibits. The document is only a text version of the voiceover that is spoken in the full PSA. vm-psa-AUDscript

The Video Script portion of my public service announcement was a tool used to organize and coordinate strong visuals with the event message being announced through the PSA. The video is composed of organized graphics, photos and visuals that align with the energy of the Women’s Outreach Center. vm-psa-AVscript

This Fact Sheet is composed of detailed facts of the Women’s Outreach Center. This tool lists numerical facts and other parts of background for the organization. Used for data or background, the numbers in the fact document creates a backed credibility. Organizational Fact Sheet

Five Organizational Photos with Cutlines are displayed in this document. A tool used to put images to the organization, it allows for the public to become more engaged with a preset idea of the mission of the Women’s Outreach Center. In addition, photos and cutlines provide credibility towards the organization. The photos displayed show a more personal side of the office and what goes on at the WOC, along with informational exhibits of resources provided by the organization.

Organization Photos & Cutlines P1

Organization Photos & Cutlines P2