For Publications this week, we were asked to refine the newsletter for the organizations we individually chose last week. To execute this project, we focused on research within the organization and applied stories to create a coherent newsletter that would go towards the appropriate public.

As my organization of choice landed on Southwest Airlines, I was hopeful to what it might turn out to as their color scheme could be creatively applied and they constantly have viable story material that would be worthy to apply. Being constantly ranked in their superb customer service and title as a wholesome company, I was excited to see the possibilities of what the communication between them and their public could imply.

All in all, I was content with my end result. I chose their selected scheme of strong red and bold blue throughout my headlines and a few pieces to emphasize, while stringing the canary/sunflower yellow throughout the newsletter as the settle accent. Southwest also carries a settle wash of blue throughout a lot of their pieces and I chose to incorporate that to tie the newsletter together. Since the story on Page 2 continues on Page 3, I chose to carry the blue wash through both pages. I felt it created the sense of continuance without it being too obvious across the spread.

The stories incorporated might have been my favorite of the newsletter since they hold the emphasis that Southwest carries towards their clients and employees. Highlighting the company in subtle ways, I chose a story on their title as one of Forbes Best Companies to Work For in 2015 that both sheds good light on the company as human and the joyful deliverance their employees shine through to customers. Southwest also carried an image of success and progress as they celebrate 20 Years Online in a separate story. This same theme of progress and success was evident in the front page story as they unveiled their most recent aircraft. Making top news, the Missouri One shows development within the company and what to expect in the future.

I was really happy with the stories that held the backbone to my newsletter, but I was slightly disappointed in the graphics and images I settled on. I felt I could have gone in a more creative strategy as the ones chosen were a bit obvious. They tied in well with the story, but the end looked a bit more dull than I expected.
My target public affected my overall content and design strategy mostly in the story content that was chosen, as I wanted to emphasize the prominence that is given by Southwest to their employees and customers. I wanted to be as detailed as I could as Southwest is a detail-oriented company that focused on the little things. This drove my shift in colors and gradient background. My target client and public would be pulled in to the newsletter by the bold colors, but the content will emphasize the value of the company.

Below is my final newsletter. Critique is welcome and encouraged.

Salamanca II