are not racist. -President David Lyle Boren

In light of recent events, hundreds of students have gathered and voiced their thoughts at The University of Oklahoma. No, this is NOT an isolated incident. The video is rooted in bigotry and ignorant tradition that is embedded throughout the Greek roots, the University, history, but most importantly, vivid in present day. I am proud of the swift and appropriate justice that was the response of the University and President Boren (because yes, anger is the appropriate response) but we have so much farther to go. We need to scream change instead of chanting racist slurs. We need to declare unity by defining and rejoicing in our diversity. But first, We need to become a “we”. Unite, Stand and Speak. [ ‪#‎OUnity ]‬

Below are a few links of expressed opinions that I found relevant and impactful. Aside from the public statement, consider that the following are opinions, much like what I share, and you might not share the same beliefs. Please be mindful and respectful.

Statement from The University of Oklahoma.
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The majority.
Focus on the bigger picture.

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