This class was the most optimal as a gateway into online courses for me. I can very much say that the professor had a lot to do with my ability to navigate through the course, so maybe being spoonfed in silver is me speaking out of context. Regardless, I would recommend this course, in it’s online format with a professor that facilitates this kind of communication. Writing with a public audience was interesting, but in the sense that it was my professional material on display. Our generation has become so desensitized to the internet, that oftentimes, we don’t realized that everything, from tweets to pictures to sent texts, lasts forever. The internet is the livestream of our generation and we don’t hold it to the standard it deserves. I took such a serious standard to the content that was published, only because it would be graded but I hope to set this same standard to anything and everything I post, integrated with the humor and rawness that is true to my style. Being honest, I have only seen myself grow in my skill-set, which I find just as valuable to my character as anything. The broader my skill set and confidence, the stronger my background in this profession. For a future student, here’s a tip: starts somewhere and hold a loose visual for what to expect, because you will surpass the basic placeholder screenshot that you have in your head.