1. What were you asked to do?

For Publications, we were asked to choose a Fortune 500 company and design a layout for a newsletter. We were asked to develop research and background to eventually fill the content. I created a basic outline of the space that my newsletter will consist of. The final product will follow soon!

2. How did you respond to what you were asked to do?

I was pretty excited to look into the different styles and strategies different successful companies use and work off of their content. It seemed like an opportunity to learn from the best, and utilize those tools to develop my own version.

3. How did react to what you actually did?

I ended up going with a company who I have always valued. Southwest Airlines is known for their superb customer service, one who tailors their services for their client. With a background in loyalty, I felt that their content should reflect that. Even with my very basic outline of a newsletter, I see potential to carry the brand’s name and the title they hold. Plus, I feel like their newsletter has a lot of potential to interact with their already engaged audience.

4. Now go one level deeper: Why do you think your reaction was what it was?

I love to travel. If I can, I will use Southwest to exceed my standards and expectations. I appreciate a company that goes above and beyond to tailor services for the customer, and I saw an opportunity to better engage the public through a newsletter by Southwest Airlines.

Supplemental question:

What benefits to do you see of creating a mockup or dummy layout before getting started?

A dummy layout really helps in spreading out your ideas. With a newsletter, I feel this is critical because it can include graphics, photos, typesetting, and most importantly–content! As far as publications go, newsletters are valuable to companies in order to engage the public and thus, the public can invest time, commitment and loyalty in the company. This is why it is important to have a clear visual of what the newsletter will consist of, beginning with an organized, clear outline of basic information. Later, it becomes easier to fill with ideas, visuals and color.

The following are JPEGS of my upcoming newsletter for Southwest Airlines. Note: This is a basic outline. The final product will include photos (blank areas), content and valuable information!

Newsletter Dummy

Newsletter Dummy2

Newsletter Dummy3

Newsletter Dummy4