I see possibilities with my domain. I plan on utilizing the content in the future, for references on what I am capable of, but I do plan on altering the theme. I think there’s a lot of useful tools that my domain can hold, and I hope to use those tools to my advantage. I currently have my domain altered to be for the purpose of showcasing my work, displaying a little about my self and my style of writing and designing, along with a resume. I just think I can do better.

My page is dull, at best. I think I can dive into code and design a little deeper to reach a creative look that sheds light on my work in the best possible way. I hope to share my domain with future employers as a clear and easy way for them to be able to assess me and my capabilities.

I like the thought of continuing the blogging reflection process, whether it be reflection on current topics or lightly on my personal life–under the blog portion of my domain. I think this is a healthy way to display my point of view and the personality behind the keyboard.

My “About Me” page should be updated, as well as my resume should be altered to its current standings. I acknowledge how lucky I am for my domain to be my real name so I will take advantage of that to reflect my professional capabilities. I am excited for this opportunity.