This past week, my Public Relations Publications course asked us to create two separate Direct Mailers, directed towards two separate public targets. I was excited to take advantage of the opportunity because for my first direct mailer, I had chosen a diverse target public. A few weeks ago, there was a video that encouraged a very eye-opening dialogue on our campus about diversity and race. I was encouraged by this conversation to create a direct mailer geared toward transfer students, primarily whose first language is not English and an opportunity to encompass the diversity exemplified on our campus. For my second direct mailer, I decided on the parents of these first students, tying it together to the idea of what we value: coming together as a Sooner family.

Taking part in the procedure of creating the direct mailers was pretty exciting because instead of InDesign, we used Photoshop for this project. I found it to be fairly accessible as I navigated through the software. There were plenty of similarities, but also a lot of tools that were geared more toward photos alone, naturally.

For my first direct mailer, I went with an inclusive design, with lots of photos of OU students, where I made sure to include diversity. This will help prospective students envision themselves having a future here. Also, the center copy reads “WELCOME HOME” in English where the border reads the same phrase in various different languages to again, reiterate an inclusive, welcoming tone. On the back of this design, I went with the most patriotic/symbolic graphic I could think of: Uncle Sam. He has been a historic American icon, well known worldwide that others can identify with as a symbol for the US.

Direct Mailer 2

Direct Mailer 2 (1)

For the second mailer, I focused on the copy being the focus. “The Sooner FAMILY Begins with YOUR family.” I did my best to recreate the vision of a wholesome community by both setting the photo in the background as one that includes the Sooner family and both of the fonts in the copy to highlight the importance of bringing the prospective family as one with the Sooners. The back of this mailer is a lot more simplified, as I made the front. I wanted basic copy on a black background, attached with the OU logo to send a clear message to parents.

Direct Mailer 1

Direct Mailer 4

Overall, I am pleased with both of my designs. I think it sends the inclusive message in the first and the clarified message in the second that I wished to send across.