In the book, the author stated that products are people. I want to agree with this because it makes my future line of work easier and relatable. The reason I chose Public Relations is because of it’s personable aspect, strength in relationships and function to create communication, specifically among companies and their publics. I agree that products are people because the product of the company is meant to embody that company, and that company is what I can communicate, so to say that they are people makes both the product and company honest and relatable. A very specific phrasing that I could have misinterpreted is when he says, “attractive things make people feel good.” Although this is broad, I disagreed because it could be misconstrued in various ways. For one, I feel like most attractive things, especially in the media, aren’t meant for people to feel good. They are meant to excavate insecurities and flaws within. This sense of incomplete draws the target to buy products and be products themselves of capitalism. It might be a bit of a stretch, but that was my perception.