For Publications, we were asked to research an organization or business of our choice and develop a business card based on that research, a competitor analysis, inspiration and mood boards. I simultaneously felt encouraged and overwhelmed. This was such an opportunity to dig deeper and further into any business I’m interested in, marketing strategy I’m obsessed with, or just company I’d love to work with someday. My organization of choice was a blend of the three; The Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas does incredible work with a strong mission.

[ GWS BusinessCardII ] This is a draft of my business card for the Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas.

Although it is relatively what I envisioned, working through the design, I realized I was settling. There is a much broader spectrum of possibilities of how I could highlight what all Genesis provides. I was so focused on having it be copy-focused, that I think I limited my design. Also, I could work the logo a little better where it is the focus and attached to bigger, better things.

I know I feel like I fell short on design, because Genesis never falls short. They always go above and beyond to provide every need to their clients. I would love to embody their mission statement of encouragement and hope in a business card, but I realize that is a tall order. I don’t think I’m settling, but I would like to dive deeper to find a vision for my business card that better fits this wonderful organization.