For Publications, we were asked to choose an organization we were interested in and would like to dig further into, and being an advocate for social justice, I ultimately decided on the Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas, Texas. Using background research of the organization and some competitor analysis that can be found here, we were to create a business card and letterhead for our organizations. I was originally interested and overwhelmed with the possibilities of how I could embody the mission of this wonderful organization. Genesis focuses on transitioning women from households of domestic violence into a better quality of life. Using in-house programs and resources, Genesis uses these tools to provide support throughout this transition.
Originally, I think I used the feeling of being overwhelmed, used it as motivation and kind of threw too many ideas together into what was my first draft. Although it was mediocre, I knew I could do better by working on my design.

Good news: I’m happy with my final design.

GWS BusinessCardIV

GWS Letterhead IV

I decided against the poppy red gradient background and settled on a black. That, with the edit of an inner glow on the logo, it made the copy really stand out. I chose the black because I realized that what I was attempting to embody in the design was already captured in the logo, and I didn’t need to overstate. It’s a great logo! I also repeated the rounded design and color scheme throughout the card and even on the back, where the mission statement is located. I also made sure to arrange the proximity of the copy and create a balance throughout the front, the contact and organization information being a vital tool for their clients.

I would love to one day use this design in the future, but as I am only an amateur in design, I hope they don’t judge all of my skills and passion for social justice solely on this card… Though, that is not to limit my potential! I have grown and improved on so many of my skills in such a short of time, I’m impressed. I cannot wait to use these tools to show different elements of design.

If I were to start over, I would commit more time to playing with different elements. I think there’s broad potential to showcase and I would love to see how I could use this to highlight my organization’s best attributes. I would also encourage this in future students going through a similar project, but it’s incredibly useful to know know a lot about your organization. This includes strengths, flaws, all of it– in and out.