Design Blitz was hard. It was difficult to go out and look for specific design elements, when in other places, I found six design elements incorporated into one creative design. Tough. I did enjoy seeing things that I pass or glance at every day in new light though; the task gave me a new sense of appreciation that I lacked before.

I_Believe_In_ZERO_cover_207For the first, I used a book cover of a novel I read last semester, I Believe in Zero (for which I did a book reviewthat can be found here). On the cover, part of the typography under the title is designed to create a similarity to handwriting. This typography, written on the burlap background for the cover is made to give the book a sense of authenticity, or a genuine feel based on the topic of the book: the realness that are those who are impoverished.


Next is a photo I took on my drive to work in the late morning. The proportion element is seen as the sky and clouds make up most of the photo, shifting the focus upwards. There is also a lack of color as the contrast between the sun, the earth, sky and clouds make the photo look close to grayscale.20150128_105736_1


The element of minimalism was the focus when our team at the Women’s Outreach Center was trying to create the design of the publicity for the upcoming Vagina Monologues. We decided we wanted to take a different direction from last year’s design (pictured as No.1) with bright, bubbly colors, and an array of design to this years’ design (pictured as No.2). This year’s design was meant to encompass minimalism, holding a focus to the microphone in the center and shift attention to the copy of the graphic. Bold, contrasting colors also contributed to shift the focus of attention towards the center, along with contrasting the white copy.


TVM No.1


TVM No.2





20150128_170025_1The symbolism behind this next ad on the left is a little too bold for me. With the copy “FINISH OFF YOUR WEEKEND WITH A HAPPY ENDING,” the subject photographed in this ad for weekend brunch is oversexualized and objectifying, in my opinion. With the colored lips, gaping mouth, and contrast of lighting, I was not a fan of the stretch either, but this is today’s culture in the raw. The form of the ad is meant to show an over-explicit message of how brunch should be portrayed by using this method.



Lastly, I took this next picture of a car in front of me at a red light. At first glance, it looks cluttered and unbalanced… at second glance, it still looks cluttered and unbalanced. At 13 bumber stickers and car decals, it seemed to touch on the element of balance as the lack of. The car came off disorganized and unruly, which might have been the intention, and if so… hats off to you, sir!