Genesis Women’s Shelter doesn’t have competition. I don’t mean this in the sense that there are not facilities that provide similar services, but all of these organizations work together toward the same goal and encourage the well being of those underprivileged or in harmful circumstances. But, unlike Genesis, most shelters either cover a wider range of clientele, are religiously affiliated, or provide minimal services and resources in the Dallas area.

There is a variety of organizations, both non-profit and state-funded that provide similar services that would be considered “competition”:

1. The following in the Dallas area provide limited services, but the main difference lies in the fact that they are religiously-affiliated: Union Gospel Mission of Dallas- Center of Hope, Victory Life in the Cliffs, Dallas Jewish Coalition.

2. Another stone that sets GWS apart is the fact that they only house women and their children, victims of domestic violence. Not that they don’t acknowledge that this tragedy occurs in all genders, but men are not turned away-simply relocated to a facility or home group that can accommodate all: Dallas Ministry for LIfe, Dallas Life Foundation, Reconciliation Outreach.

3. The last and most likely most useful difference is the disparity in provided services. All clients of Genesis are supplied with shelter and counseling for victims of domestic violence. Among other things, other services include therapy, trauma recovery, school and education for children and other resources and legal services. For example, the Wilkinson Center is self described as a “pathway out of poverty” where clients can find food, health and education programs, and other resources to establish the basics of a better life, but they do not focus on a specific demo of people nor do they provide housing or shelter.

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