Apologies for the satire tone. It was a bootcamp! The drilling of a load of information that seemed a tad overwhelming, honestly… Although I could see myself diving into both Photoshop and InDesign energetically with more experience, this week was almost heavy. It was exciting to see the possibilities and potential of my skill in both programs, but the amount of technique and practice was evident, which scares me a little. Photoshop was definitely cool. I don’t edit photos much, but it was fun to see the things you could do with good quality. More importantly, I was happy to note how valuable both of these programs are. The developed software grasp information in an entirely new, flattering light. Highlighting and presenting new information in a new, attractive method. I don’t necessarily consider myself a creative person per say, but both programs encourage¬†and stimulate the more innovative side of my personality. Welcome, Mr.¬†Hyde.