Earlier today I was promoting The Vagina Monologues. Even though the word “vagina” is purely anatomical, I recognize that our culture has hypersexualized it to even make others intimated or even squirm at the word. So some of the cast members and I were passing out flyers for the event and when I was handing out a sheet to one particular guy, he saw the title, immediately rejected it and walked away saying, “Oh no. I’m a Christian,” but not before I yelled, “CHRISTIANS HAVE VAGINAS TOO” across the Union…… hahahaha.
Although, I find my reaction hilarious now, I took offense to what boy said! I am a Christian and will never be ashamed to declare that. My beliefs in social justice align directly with my beliefs as a Christian to Love God and Love Others (cue HoC reference). That being said, the purity of Eve Ensler’s play, “The Vagina Monologues” is rooted in the embodiment of female empowerment and individuality showcased through personal experiences and short stories. These monologues all highlight various aspects of what it means to go through the struggles and most beautiful parts of being a woman, among also bringing light to the very real cause of ending violence against women and girls.
Our first performance on February 23rd was canceled due to the inclement weather and although the show on February 24th was successful, we were adamant about having a rescheduled performance tomorrow night to raise as many funds as possible for our beneficiary, The Women’s Resource Center.
Since 1975, The Women’s Resource Center has been helping women live better lives. Their primary work is to help persons victimized by domestic and sexual violence. The WRC Domestic Violence Shelter, The Rape Crisis Center, and the crisis lines fill an urgent need because no other local group or organization in our community provides these services. The Women’s Resource Center believes that women have the right to live in safety, to be treated with dignity, to make choices and to hope. — wrcnorman.com
Even though our rescheduled date tomorrow has now been canceled due to weather (AGAIN) we realize this is out of our control, but we encourage all of you to please donate towards the WRC if you can. It is a wonderful organization and their work should be acknowledged. To my fantastic coworkers, directors and cast members: I am truly sorry. I know the genuine work and effort all of you have invested in sharing these stories through this performance, so I am sad only a very fortunate few got the chance to watch you portray and live through these characters! So much love and respect for you all.

TL;DR —Vaginas are magical, because yes, even you, came into this world out of one, the Women’s Resource Center does fantastic work that should be appropriately supported, and lastly, I am over the cold.

End rant.

If you would like to find out more about the WRC or how to donate, please follow the following link: http://wrcnorman.com/donate-now.php