Pictured above is my ridiculously attractive, terribly-funny, awkward and royal family. On the far right is my sister, Nayra. Accomplished is an understatement. The seemingly-younger woman next to her is in fact my mother!! (Because brownie points go a long way…). My mother is the second most spirited, lively, energetic woman I have ever met (granted, the first is my grandmother, if that says anything at all about my bloodlines). And lastly, standing between my mother and I is my Dad. The most sensitive, caring and emotional person in the photograph. Because a real man is an honest man. And there I am, standing on the left, easily spotted as the only shade of brown.

Together, my family and I are weird. But that’s what makes us The Whopper. The Johnny and June. The Kimye. The Seth and James. The combo of  a lifetime. So oddly paired, we just…. work. Individually and together, my family is brilliant, yet silly. Generous and kind. Understanding and thoughtful. And so, so funny.

I appreciate and respect them, but furthermore, I love them.


Enjoy some photos of our dogs/babies. Prepare yourself.

Ginger, Chocolate Labrador, age 9. Charlie, English Bulldog, age 18 mos. Riley, English Bulldog, age 1. Layla, Timberwolf, age 6 mos.

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